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Please note: This web site archives the UCLGBTIA, an organization that represented students, staff, faculty, and alumni from 1990 until 2007. Currently only the Issues pages and Directory page are maintained. You may visit the student-only UCLGBTQQIA Student Association FaceBook page, or contact a member of the UC LGBT Directors Council.

UCLGBTIA Documents listed in order of date created or updated.

Please note: All documents are in *.pdf format. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader (download for free) to view.

Survey of UC LGBT Resource Centers (January 2009)

Chronicle of UCLGBTIA Meetings, 1990-2007

UC Merced Resolution 2007

Letter Remembering UCSC Chancellor Denice Denton (2006)

Resolution in Support of Safe and Accessible Gender Neutral Restrooms (2004)

Transgender Health Benefits Chart - UCOP (June 2004)
Please Note: Historical document. No longer accurate.

State of the UC for LGBTI and Allies, February 2004
Please Note: Historical document. No longer accurate.

Printed 2004 Conference Program Book (40 pages) - Large File (2 MB)

Pamphlet on Trans Health Issues (October 2003)

DP Benefits Guide 2003 (UCOP)

Gender Identity/Expression Nondiscrimination Letter. October 2003

UCSA Resolution on DP Tuition Equity, August 2003

Letter on DP Tuition Equity, April 2003

Meeting on DP Equity Issues, March 2003 - Executive Summary

ROTC Report, 2003

Queer Student Agenda - 2003 General Assembly

Overview of 2003 Conference Participants

Printed 2003 Conference Program Book (40 pages)

Hosting Guidelines - SCOM, 1992

Hosting Guidelines - GA, 1992

"UC Only" Statement, 1992

"UCLGBA Is" Statement, 1991